Ink Cups Tagless B100 Pad Printer

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The B100 1-colour tabletop pad printer is a high-speed pad printing machine which offers a multitude of unique features and capabilities. This 1-colour pad printer has been one of our best-sellers for 1-colour printing of plastic parts, promotional products, medical and electronic devices. In addition, thousands of B100s equipped with tagless garment fixtures are installed and working at apparel factories. The B100 1-colour tabletop pad printer has a way of making our customers happy – see a testimonial below.

The ICN-B100 1-colour tabletop pad printer incorporates the patented VersaCup® ink cup assembly with two-sided ceramic ring and tool-less set up to support rapid job changeover. The B100 is manufactured for demanding heavy-duty performance.


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This machine was designed to handle parts up to 4.25 in (107.95 mm) tall including the part fixture. This 1-colour tabletop pad printer has a robust pad compression capability of 120lbs at 80 PSI. An illuminated plate system provides visibility to the work area and the variable inking and print frequency controls allow the operator to regulate print opacity.

The intuitive membrane-touch-control feature provides ease of program adjustments and machine functions. Suitable for most small to moderately sized parts, this machine excels in the promotional product, electronic and medical industries. The B100 pad printer accepts a variety of pad printing pads for practically any application.

Another popular function of the B100 1-colour tabletop pad printer is for Tagless applications. Pad printing is replacing other methods of clothing labelling such as sewn-in tags and heat transfers.