Ink Cups Tagless ICN 2200 Pad Printer

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The 2-colour care label printing machine option. The Pad Slide mechanism allows the garment to remain stationary, which enables flawless second-colour registration.

The 2200-PS 2 colour pad printer with pad slide machine’s membrane touch control makes it simple to program all setup features. The XYR micro-adjust plate-holder assemblies and toolless quick-adjust further reduce make-ready time and increase productivity. An incorporated pad slide mechanism allows for the accommodation of large pads. It is extremely heavy-duty, making this the ideal pad printing machine for situations where future production volumes are unknown or likely to increase.

Additionally, quickly convert to 100 x 224 mm plate sizes on the 2200PS with the Plate Conversion Kit. Ideal for print shops that already own a B100 or pad printer with compatible plate sizes.

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