INPRO Tiger Clean Series

The INPRO Tiger Clean series is an industry-leading solution offering superior clean cleaning to any size print shop. The Tiger Clean series is modular and designed to customer spec to ensure you have the best solution for your shop. Automatic Screen Reclaim does not only ensure screens are cleaned correctly but also reduces cost by removing the labour intensive methods that are associated from the screen room.

Key Features:

  • Fully Integrated Screen Reclaim System 
  • UK Supply and Support
  • Recycled Chemicals
  • Easy to Maintain
  • INPRO Brush Technology 
  • Highest Saftey with CE Compliance  


The process is to remove the ink and place on the belt then Tiger clean takes care of the rest. The Tiger Clean will remove the excess ink and emulsion before putting through a high-pressure rinse to create a perfect screen ready for next use. Our intuitive design ensures that no chemicals are wasted by recycling the chemicals to reduce costs.