INPRO Tiger Series Combi ECO

The Tiger Clean Combi ECO system reduces labour time and creates an efficient workflow solution to your screen room. The fully automated TC Combi Eco offers high-quality screen development alongside a high-pressure rinse for cleaning down screens. 

Key Features:

  • Fully Automatic Water Rince for Screen Cleaning
  • Fully Automatic Screen Exposure and Developing 
  • Labour Saving – Ideal for busy print shops
  • High-Quality Results with INPRO Nozzle Technology
  • Easy to Maintain 
  • Fast Return on Investment 


When connected with the Exile VLUX exposure unit is to ensure high-speed screen production suitable for any size print shop. The automatic high-pressure rinse system achieves the highest quality cleaning results. Remove the ink from the screens, place into a dip tank and add to the Combi ECO belt. The screen will be cleaned and dried ready for use on your press.

For developing the screens turn two valves on the Combi Eco to adjust the water flow, the pressure jets produce fast and dependable washout results every time. It offers excellent washout for all types of artwork, including subtle halftones and fine line work. The Combi ECO has been designed to give you the ultimate flexibility allowing for a rapid return on investment.

The INPRO Combi Eco is the ideal partner for a printshop that operates a direct to screen system such as the Spyder CTS and VLUX.