Matrix Inks Screen Pro + Emulsion

Matrix Ink’s Pro + is a dual-cure diazo emulsion; it offers a superb resolution and definition that is compatible with water-based, solvent and plastisol inks.

Key Benefits:

  • High definition for screens up to 150T Mesh
  • Excellent Stability on the Screen
  • Easy Screen Reclaim – Manual, Dip Tank, Automatic Reclaim
  • High-Quality UV Light Source Required
  • Ideal to use with LED lightboxes


SKU: MAT103 Category: Brand: Matrix Inks


Our product team has created this product with the screen printer in mind, its easy to use and forgiving, reducing the chance for an over or under exposure. Its properties make it extremely resistant to pinholes while at the same time offering a superior high resolution with outstanding definition.


Weight 4.5 kg