ROQ ECO 9000M Flash Unit

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ROQ Eco 9000M:

  • Drying Area – 16″ x 20″
  • Integral fans give excellent airflow keeping the flash cool
  • Suitable for plastisol or water-based inks.
  • Medium wavelength quartz lamps
  • Flawless integration with ROQ Automatic Presses.
  • Convection and Radiant heat transfer to pallets.
  • Adjustable heating “zones”
  • Time & Temperature Controls
  • Available in 1 phase and 3 phase.


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The ROQ Dry Eco range is designed to be partnered with any ROQ Automatic Screen Printing Presses however it can be purchased with a foot pedal to be alongside a manual press also. When using with a ROQ it connects directly into the machines power supply to remove the need for extra power supplies being added around the machine. The ROQ ECO range includes quartz bubs for a unique medium wavelength – suitable for your everyday printing on your press.