Tensorgrip® F20 Web Pallet Adhesive

Tensor F20 Screen Printing Web Spray Adhesive offers a great tack for holding t-shirts and heavy garments such as hoodies/sweatshirts. F20 Web Spray is an excellent alternative to traditional spray cans by removing the airborne mist within your print shop. This results in fewer machine breakdowns from standard glue and a cleaner environment for press operators.


In order to get the best results from the F20, it’s essential to spray around 15cm from the pallets and use warm pallets. We find a motion similar to car spraying from left to right in even strokes.

If you find that you have some pick up on the inside of the garment, move the spray gun closer to minimize the web effect.

Tensor F20 Web Spray adhesive is available in 22L canisters – Tensor Kick-Off kit sold separately.